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Exclusive: Listen To The Latest Catchy Rocker From Killswitch Engage Guitarist’s New Project

Brothers Born, Killswitch Engage, Storm the Ohio, Red Door ExchangeJoel Stroetzel and Michael Wyzik have played in plenty of bands: Stroetzel on guitar in Aftershock and Killswitch Engage, Wyzik on drums in Red Door Exchange and Storm the Ohio. They’ve just never played together—until now. The Massachusetts-based musicians have teamed up to create Brothers Born, a project developed out of shared musical tastes that finds a surprisingly dynamic and natural middle ground between Stroetzel’s heavy metal  roots and the folksy Americana of Wyzik’s past.

“Parachute,” a new track from their upcoming full-length debut, Knife Wounds, is a low-key, mellow head-bobber, yet it still pulses with a steady power that carries through the whole track. Gravelly pop-rock vocals find a smooth balance against laid back, heavy but not too heavy guitar, giving the song a fuzzy familiarity and an undeniable catchiness.

The duo takes their name from a song penned by Wyzik’s Storm the Ohio bandmate Jerry Brookman, but Brothers Born is a fitting moniker for other reasons as well: Stroetzel and Wyzik have an easy, familial chemistry that comes across on “Parachute,” and will certainly stir up excitement for what these Brothers have in store for us on Knife Wounds, slated for release on February 24th.

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  1. This is Grammy material. They actually recorded this stuff in 2011. Was remixed recently. Am Joel’s dad and hope to go back to LA next year for Killswitch and Brothers Born for another Grammy…..Plus my younger son Tyler for City of Homes…another up and coming band.

  2. A great tune from two outstanding musicians. There is something wonderfully soft-spoken and introspective from Wyzik’s vocals, Joel’s inspired melody work, and their shared passion for the craft. Both Wyzik and Joel have such a wealth of musical knowledge between them, their songs and writings share a master-class level of artistry. A truly masterful duo, this compilation is long anticipated and eagerly awaited.