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Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason Blasts Apple In New Interview

We’re going to take a guess and say that Nick Mason probably doesn’t own an iPhone, given what he said in his latest interview. The Pink Floyd drummer recently sat down with GQ for an interview, and he had some harsh words for the tech giant and its role in the music industry.

In the interview, Mason took particular issue with Apple’s joint effort with U2 to release the band’s new album Songs Of Innocence as a free download for anyone who owned an iPhone or iTunes. People were not especially pleased that they had a new U2 album forced on them, and Mason doesn’t blame them. Mason said that the backlash that U2 experienced after the album’s release “made everyone rethink about how they want their music delivered, given or sold.”

Mason did point out something interesting about the Songs Of Innocence fallout, though. “What’s interesting is that Apple seem to have gotten off scot-free,” Mason said. “No one’s blaming them. Apple have done some great things, but it has also contributed to the devaluation process.” Mason also added that streaming services like Spotify were making Apple’s iTunes store “look rather passé,” but he admitted that the streaming service’s payout model was still not financially feasible for all musicians.

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