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Bob Weir and John Mayer Perform Grateful Dead Tunes On ‘Late Late Show’ – Watch It Here

John Mayer has been expanding his resume in recent weeks as one of the temporary hosts of The Late Late Show. Last night, though, he returned to being a musician when he welcomed Bob Weir to the show. Weir and Mayer talked about The Grateful Dead’s upcoming 50th anniversary concert at Soldier Field, which Weir says might find them going by The Dead rather than The Grateful Dead. “I think the Grateful Dead, you can’t when half of those guys are pushing up daisies, you can’t call it that,” Weir said. Weir and Mayer then took the stage together to perform “Truckin'” and “Althea.” While it’s not quite the original article, it’s certainly enough to get excited for the Dead’s 50th anniversary. You can check out the performance of “Truckin'” below, and you can watch their performance of “Althea” on the CBS website.

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