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Exclusive: Free Download Of “Callow” From Welsh Singer/Songwriter Novo Amor

Novo Amor, Novo Amor Callow, Welsh music, Ali Lacey

Rising singer/songwriter Novo Amor is from Wales, but on his new song, “Callow,” he sounds as if he is singing from some distant, cold moon, way out in the solar system.

Novo Amor, whose real name is Ali Lacey, cites Bon Iver among his influences but his falsetto is more likely to remind the listener of James Blake’s otherworldly croon. And Lacey’s background as a sound designer is evident in the unusual, evocative, electronic sounds underlying those haunting vocals.

A solo artist in the fullest sense of the term, Novo Amor performs, records, produces and mixes all of his own music. His songs have appeared in TV shows, including FOX’s Bones, and movies. He has been performing live across Europe and the UK.


You can grab a free download of “Callow” below (click the “Soundcloud” link at the upper right of the player):


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