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Van Morrison To Release New Album ‘Duets: Reworking The Catalogue’

Van Morrison, new album, Duets: Reworking The CatalogueAfter over five decades of creating chart-topping hits and classic sing-alongs, highly revered and influential singer/songwriter Van Morrison is releasing his 35th album next month, Duets: Re-Working the Catalogue. In an effort to refrain from his most loved classics, Morrison is acknowledging his more underrated tracks by re-inventing them featuring the musical expertise of talented musicians like Michael Bublé, Joss Stone, Bobby Womack, and Mark Knopfler, to name a few.

Morrison is only one of several artists to revamp their discography, following the likes of Barbara Streisand and Tony Bennett (whose albums Partners and Duets II also feature Bublé). The concept of completely re-inventing songs from the past and pairing them with other musicians is a more personal way of releasing re-issues, of which tracks are simply released again after a number of years, acting as a tribute to both the musician and fans.

Duets: Re-Working the Catalogue (which was produced by Morrison, Don Was and Bob Rock) will be released March 24th on RCA Records. You can hear Morrison’s re-vamped version of “Real Real Gone” with Michael Bublé below:

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