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Dana Fuchs – Songs From The Road

Artist:     Dana Fuchs

Album:     Songs From The Road

Label:     Ruf Records

Release Date:     11/11/2014


Dana Fuchs’ latest release, Songs From The Road, has been released as a dual CD/DVD package and thank God for that. There is no questioning her prowess as a vocalist – there simply is no denying the grit, the power and the sheer menace of her voice. But when she prowls onto stage like a panther and rips into “Bliss Avenue” the combined visual and auditory spell she casts is pure bliss in itself.

There are shades of soul and gospel in “Livin’ on Sunday,” old school ‘80’s anthem rock in, “How Did Things Get This Way” or the sheer beauty of her voice in “So Hard to Move,” the gorgeous ballad about losing her brother. These are a testament to the versatility and simple charm of Fuchs stunning voice.

Fuchs is accompanied by her long time friend and partner in crime Jon Diamond on guitar (you really need to watch the DVD to see what this man is made of), and he shines in his own right, especially delivering his hip intro and fills on “Keep on Walkin.” Combined with the energy-driven backup vocals and Fuchs own trademark, blood-curdling screams, this track is a standout amongst many standouts.

“Sad Salvation” and “Tell Me I’m Not Drinking” are additional acoustic highlights, reminiscent of classic Black Crowes and The Stones, and Fuchs slithering take on The Beatles, “Don’t Let Me Down” is just the sultry conclusion that only Dana Fuchs could provide.

– Steve Walbridge

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