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Rhiannon Giddens – Tomorrow Is My Turn

Artist:     Rhiannon Giddens

Album:     Tomorrow Is My Turn

Label:     Nonesuch

Release Date:     02/10/2015


Rhiannon Giddens, co-founder of the Carolina Chocolate Drops goes solo with an album that should bring her front and center into the spotlight that she deserves.

First, she brings a God-given, opera-trained voice that is capable of opening our hearts to so many different styles of songs. Ranging from songs from the churches and cotton fields of the South to Georgia chain gangs and R&B hits of the 50s, she amazingly makes them all her own. Tomorrow Is My Turn is an album that made me feel every song. Man, what a voice and talent.

Talking about different styles: “Tomorrow Is My Turn” makes me think of a Broadway standard or something Barbra Streisand might sing. The Patsy Cline hit “She’s Got You” with a Ms. Giddens twist, is straight out of 50s R&B. Odetta’s “Waterboy” is all old timey music. I hear gospel and folk roots in this song. I also hear the Boz Scaggs “Lowdown” drum intro going into “Black Is The Color.”

All throughout this album, I get the old time music Ms. Giddens has been reviving with The Carolina Chocolate Drops. The old time instruments like spoons and fretless banjo are there but I also hear all of those diamond facets. But most of all, I hear that magical voice of Rhiannon Giddens bringing it all together in one fantastic album.

 – Mark J. Smith

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