Sam Baker, Carrie Elkin & Chip Dolan Dazzle At Folk Alliance

Sam Baker, Carrie Elkin, Folk Alliance, Chip Dolan
Photo by Ana Gibert

Easy banter between these two consummate artists didn’t diminish the passion of Sam Baker and Carrie Elkin’s version of “Love Hurts, which (and I never, ever, thought I’d say this) surpassed the Everly Brothers’ original. The laconic Baker comes on deceptively slow and understated, while Elkin certainly does not. The cry in her voice and their reinvented harmonies tugged at our heartstrings and left the crowded room dewy-eyed. Great music is supposed to move us, and this performance surely did. Lest we depart emotional basketcases, the trio left us with a little humor, and a singalong. Here’s a taste.

– Suzanne Cadgène

Video by Ana Gibert

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