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Exclusive: Check Out “Indie Island Folk Rock” From The Splashing Pearls


With a distinctive sound courtesy of the odd trio of ukulele, steel drums and upright bass, the self-proclaimed “indie island folk rock” group the Splashing Pearls is releasing their latest record, Tabloid Tales, on April 28.

Made up originally of Peter Scobell and Cooke Harvey of Delaware, then joined by Scobell’s niece, Larkin, the Splashing Pearls create thunderous music full of plentiful harmonies and pounding instrumentals, with each member bringing their own individual talent.

Tabloid Tales‘ “Richman’s Arcade” is an auditory car chase with its fast rhythms and booming vocals. The band put an abundance of energy into this one, so that every word and every beat can be accounted for.

Listen to “Richman’s Arcade” below, find the band on tour and make sure to grab Tabloid Tales when it drops on April 28th.


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