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Exclusive: Hear Coldplay Meet Wilco On Stellar New Track From Midnight Pilot

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Michigan bred and Nashville based Midnight Pilot has been, and will no doubt continue to be, referred to as “heartland rock.” And that’s fair—their soulful strumming, passionate singing and sweet harmonies are certainly full of, well, heart. But the band sets itself apart from the Americana/folk rock pack in striking fashion by virtue of their ethereal textures and lush sonics. It’s not every day that a band draws comparisons to both Wilco and Coldplay—and earns them.

The band’s newest single, “Give Me What You Gave To Him,” finds them refining that signature sound with fantastic results. With their self-titled full-length (the follow-up to 2014’s acoustic Let Go EP) due out this spring, it’s only fitting that the band is both honing its craft and exploring new territory. We’ll hear the results in full later this spring, but for now, check out the stellar “Give Me What You Gave To Him” below.


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