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Exclusive: Listen To The New Track From Leo “Bud” Welch’s Upcoming Album

Leo Bud Welch, I Don't Prefer No Blues, Sabougla VoicesIn case you ever had a doubt, Leo Bud Welch is back to prove that old age, quite literally, rocks. At 82, the Mississippi bluesman is preparing to release his second album, a follow up to his 2014 debut, Sabougla Voices, named for the gospel choir from his hometown, Sabougla.

Fame narrowly evaded Welch through a life filled with music and virtuosic guitar ability, and he eventually took to the church as the primary  venue for his husky voice and skillful instrumentation. Now, in his eighth decade, Welch is firmly rooted in a blues and gospel tradition, and has a tell-it-like-it-is attitude and a truthful know-how cultivated by his years of performing.

Elmore has an exclusive song premiere from the upcoming album, “Too Much Wine.” As the name suggests, it is a woozy, funky, fun track that has a gritty blues feel and showcases a more irreverent, secular side to his music. His gravelly rasp showcases an easy authority and his heady guitar playing will, like wine of course, keep you wanting more and more.

I Don’t Prefer No Blues will be released March 24th on Big Legal Mess. Check out “Too Much Wine” below.

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