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Listen To Bleachers Cover The Beatles’ “Dear Prudence”

Jack AntonoffJack Antonoff is a man who is deeply enmeshed in contemporary popular culture: he is the lead guitarist for fun., co-wrote hit songs for Sara Bareilles and Taylor Swift, is Lena Dunham’s boyfriend and has released a hit album and appeared in a banking commercial with his band Bleachers. Under the Bleachers moniker, Antonoff has now drawn a connection to the popular culture of a previous era by releasing a cover of the BeatlesWhite Album classic “Dear Prudence.”

Antonoff notes that he recorded the cover in his hotel room in North Carolina, something evident from both the weariness of his vocals and the laptop pop production style. Over lightly distorted guitar, processed drum machine beats and burbling synth bass, Antonoff warbles with auto-tuned, distorted vocals, tossing some bird sounds and spoken word declarations into the background. Although the sound is very different, Antonoff’s cover faithfully replicates the emotional tone of a song whose mournful sound contrasts with its optimistic lyrics.

Listen to Bleachers’ cover of “Dear Prudence” below:

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