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Rare Jimi Hendrix Track “Station Break” Surfaces

A new Jimi Hendrix track has come to light after a shocking fifty long years since being recorded. “Station Break,” which includes Jimi’s classic blues soloing, was recorded in 1965 with Curtis Knight and the Squires. The song is notable for featuring Jimi in a time when he was still crafting his unique psychedelic sound.

think0110H---Think-Like-Jimi-Hendrix-4d43a08a-3e0d-4ad7-8ae6-55db7bd2821aThe track will be featured on You Can’t Use My Name: Curtis Knight and the Squires (Featuring Jimi Hendrix) The RSVP/PPX Sessions, which is set to be released on March 24th. Long-time Hendrix Collaborator Eddie Kramer produced the record, which will surely contain his signature sound. Kramer has also worked with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin. Not such a bad resume…

Janie Hendrix, the late guitarist’s sister, said “They are more than just recordings, they represent a significant segment in the timeline of Jimi’s musical existence.” While it is unanimously agreed that Jimi left us too early, new recordings such as this breathe new life into the music legend. The song can be streamed here.

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