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Roger Daltrey Talks The Who’s Final Tour

The Who are well in the middle of their 50th anniversary tour, and much has been made of how this is not only their silver jubilee, but their last major tour. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Daltrey elaborated on the situation further, explaining why the band have chosen this tour to be their last.

“We have to be realistic,” Daltrey said. “I want us to stop at the top of our game when we’re  still really good.” Daltrey and Pete Townshend have 54 dates set for this year’s tour, but Daltrey surprisingly left the door open for more shows over the next year or two. “If people want to add shows and we still feel great, then it will go for a while longer, but not that much longer,” he said.

As for the band’s future, Daltrey strongly hinted that a new Who album might be on the way. The band are just talking about it at this stage, but Daltrey said that Townshend has demoed a few songs. Daltrey also said that the band might do some smaller theater engagements or residencies in the future once the 50th anniversary tour wraps up.

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