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Watch Bob Dylan’s New Film Noir-Style Music Video

Just as his new album, Shadows in the Night, draws from the songbook of Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan‘s music video for his version of 1940s standard “The Night We Called It A Day” owes a heavy debt to mid-20th century film noir.

The black-and-white video features somewhat anachronistic period details, 1940s-style title cards, and a story line about a love triangle gone bad between Dylan, a nightclub dancer played by Tracy Phillips and a mobster-like character played by character actor and Frank Sinatra impersonator Robert Davi. Ever playing it cool, Dylan barely changes his expression as the video heads toward its surprisingly violent conclusion.

The song itself is understated and tasteful, with Dylan making up for his limited vocal range with an expressiveness unique to Dylan himself. You can watch the video for “The Night We Called It A Day” below:

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