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Exclusive: Watch Jimbo Mathus’ Eerie Video for “Poor Lost Souls”

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On Mississippi singer/songwriter Jimbo Mathus’ 2013 album White Buffalo, he devotes one track, “Poor Lost Souls,” to the homeless. Upon being put up in a luxurious Los Angeles hotel, Mathus noticed the homeless sleeping outside. “I was struck by the fact that within a few hundred feet of this ridiculous opulence, there were homeless people sleeping on the street,” Mathus said. “Even crueler and more unfair seeming was that they were literally sleeping on these Hollywood Stars, stars that had lived like kings and queens because of the entertainment industry.” The cruel justaposition of the homeless with Hollywood extravagance comes through in the lyrics to “Poor Lost Souls”: “Look down and see the stars/Look up and see the gold/Look around and see these poor lost souls.”

The song’s music video is a painfully honest look at the increasing divide between the rich and the poor. Shot in black and white, the video features scenes of Mathus singing and playing along with eerie images of Hollywood, its Walk of Fame and its homelessness.

Check out the video below, catch Mathus on tour and be on the lookout for his upcoming record, Blue Healer, due out April 21.


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