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Bill Wyman Announces New Solo Album

Former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman is returning to the spotlight with his first solo album in over 30 years. Titled Back To Basics, the album is expected to be released on June 22nd on Proper Records.

According to Wyman, the impetus to put together a new album came as he was archiving his recordings. He stumbled across 60 unreleased demos, five of which he re-worked into fully formed songs to go alongside eight new recordings. “Initially, I thought ‘I’m a bit old for this,'” Wyman said in a statement. “But then I thought, ‘All the old blues musicians played till they dropped, so why don’t I give it a go.'”

Wyman’s last solo album came out in 1982, but the bassist has kept himself busy touring with his band, the Rhythm Kings. Wyman’s also become something of a renaissance man, trying his hand at filmmaking and fine arts. Wyman last performed with the Rolling Stones in 1990.

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