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Exclusive: Brooklyn Blues Rocker Meghann Wright Covers Billie Holiday’s “Summertime”

MBW - 1-13After a busy month touring all around the country hitting 13 states, our trusty Brooklyn blues rocker Meghann Wright took some time to record another video as part of her “Covering America” series, in which she covers a song from an artist from each of the locations she performs in, this time performing a soulful rendition of Billie Holiday’s “Summertime” in her tour van, accompanied by Queens-based Americana band, The Green Gallows. Performing in the parking lot of their motel the day after playing a killer show at The Metro Gallery in Baltimore (a nod to Miss Holiday’s time spent there), Wright and two-thirds of The Green Gallows replicated “Summertime”. Wright’s slight growl and bluesy vocals nestled sweetly with the soft, almost eerie instrumentation provided by The Green Gallows would make Billie Holiday proud.

Check in with Meghann here and here and check out her soulful rendition of “Summertime” right here:

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