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Exclusive: Listen To Tall Heights’ Gorgeous New Folk Tune

Spirit Cold, Tall Heights, Sneak Attack Media, To Be YoungThough Tall Heights may not have to busk on the streets of Boston anymore, the folksy duo comprised of friends Paul Wright and Tim Harrington has yet to lose their spontaneous, dynamic edge. With a trembling, melancholy beauty, the pair uses close harmonies and gentle instrumentation to evoke a powerful response from fans and critics, and comparisons to some of the frontrunners of mainstream folk, from Fleet Foxes to Bon Iver, don’t seem too far-fetched.

A few days before Tall Heights was slated to shoot a video at the Shalin Liu Performing Arts Center in Rockport, MA, they were hit with a moment of inspiration that took them back to their impromptu, busking roots. Harrington explains of “Spirit Cold” and its accompanying live performance video, “[The song] was something of an epiphany for us. We finished it and our artistic future, the sound for what’s next, became clear. As fate would have it, we were already booked for this video shoot… It’s not a perfect performance, but we love it because it’s so fresh. We’re all just learning the ins and outs of the song on camera.” “Spirit Cold” builds and breathes, and the stunning landscape of the Performing Arts Center is a fitting backdrop for the wistful melody and orchestrated accompaniment.

Find Tall Heights live here and watch the video for “Spirit Cold” below.


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