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New Unreleased Rolling Stones Outtake Surfaces

Who would think new cuts would still be coming out of the vault from a group with 50 years under their belt? Well that’s exactly what happened today as you can now hear  The Rolling Stones jam on an unreleased version of “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking?” from the upcoming reissue of their classic album Sticky Fingers. Keith Richards told Rolling Stone in 2002: “My fingers just landed in the right place and I discovered a few things about that tuning that I’d never been aware of. I think I realized that even as I was cutting the track.” It seems as though they caught lightning in a bottle on this previously unreleased track, which of course is nothing new for The Stones.

“It was smiles all around,” Richards wrote of the session in Life Magazine. “For a guitar player it’s no big deal to play, the chopping, staccato bursts of chords, very direct and spare.” The Stones were never concerned about being the most technical musicians, but rather chose to craft excellent, memorable tracks such as this one here.  You can stream the song below, and be sure to see The Rolling Stones on their Zip Codes tour this summer.

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