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Exclusive: The Grahams Travel Into The Past On “The Spinner”

the GrahamsHusband and wife Americana duo the Grahams are keeping especially busy these days with a new studio album, Glory Bound, as well as a concert film and live album, Rattle the Hocks (both out May 19) inspired by America’s train-centered, traveling past.

Glory Bound‘s “The Spinner” evokes that past, telling the story of a girl named Mary who leaves rural Tennessee for New York City—reversing the journey of the New York-bred, Nashville-residing Grahams. For the Grahams, trains and traveling symbolize opening possibilities. As they write, regarding the song, “While the chorus suggests an almost religious understanding of celestial machinery set in motion and then spinning on with no control, it also leaves open the possibility of the creation of meaning through love.”

The Woody Guthrie-inspired spirit of Glory Bound is just as present in Rattle the Hocks, which was recorded on the road with a pick-up cast of local musicians, recruited at various stops during a tour (see upcoming tour dates here). And, of course, the band traveled by train.

Listen to “The Spinner” and watch the trailer for Rattle the Hocks—produced and directed by Cody Dickinson of the North Mississippi Allstars—below:


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