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Exclusive: Find Your “Golden Summer” With The Airy Track From Songs Of Water

Songs of Water main by Sallie Mosely

A seven-piece experimental collective from North Carolina, Songs Of Water is a band unlike any other. Comprised of musicians with talent beyond their years, the group is releasing their latest album, Stars and Dust, this June, which promises to be a whirlwind of universally unique instrumentation and harmony.

One of the tracks off the album, “Golden Summer”, accomplishes this effortlessly. With dizzying multi-instrumentation, soaring melodies, and breathy vocals, the track is a gorgeous explosion of one-of-a-kind rhythms that hold only one simple request: “Find your golden summer”. Because the ensemble has so many members, the track is heavy with different instruments which exist both individually and as a cohesive unit of unexpected, but welcomed, melody. Sprinkled with pitter-pats of beats and teeming with sunny vocals, “Golden Summer” is a true magical and musical miracle.

Listen to Songs Of Water’s track “Golden Summer” off their upcoming record below and pre-order the album here:

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