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Meghann Wright’s Touching BB King Tribute And New “Covering America” Video

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Brooklyn blues rocker Meghann Wright is a connoisseur of music and memorial. In her “Covering America” series, she has paid tribute to indie-rock band The National and jazz songstress Billie Holiday. The latest video in her series has her playing an emotionally-charged version of NYC punk-rock 90s band Jawbreaker’s “Do You Still Hate Me?” in a backroom of The Grand Victory, a music venue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Performing with her usual gusto, Wright channeled the band’s signature punk style mixed with her own smooth vocals and high energy.

Perhaps Wright’s most touching tribute was to BB King four days ago when he sadly passed away from a series of mini strokes. Performing acoustically from her Brooklyn apartment, Meghann Wright played a soulful rendition of King’s major hit “The Thrill Is Gone”. Wright was especially vocally impressive, hitting big notes with a jazzy growl, ending with a smooth but eerie “And now that it’s over/All I can do is wish you well” that we’re sure would make BB proud.

Watch Meghann Wright’s charming tribute to BB King below:

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