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Exclusive: Supergroup Harvard Of The South Premieres Power Track “Running”


When brothers Justin and Jeremy Furstenfeld, of 90s alt-rock band Blue October, discovered the talent of indie-rock band Longwave, Blue October’s manager reached out to the latter band for a collaboration of some kind. Lucky for the Furstenfeld brothers, both bands began touring together in 2009. Shortly after, though, members of both groups were parting ways to work on other projects. With Steve Schiltz of Longwave joining Justin, Jeremy, and fellow Blue October bassist Matt Noveskey, the guys created Harvard Of The South, an American rock band, just last year, acting as a supergroup side-project for most of the members.

Clearly, Harvard Of The South is jam-packed with talent and their track “Running”, released last year, is no different. The song undoubtedly takes influence from the band’s members and their other musical projects, but at the same time remains wholly unique. With thick basslines and subtle harmonies, “Running” seems to be running back to the 90s bands we know and love. The refrain “Although we run, we run, we run/I’ll go where you go” acts as an addicting hook, especially sung by Justin Furstenfeld and Schiltz’ contradicting falsetto and low bass. During the studio performance of “Running”, multiple cameras capture each band member doing what they do best by using quad split scenes and diptychs. Visually, the music video is striking, but aurally, Harvard Of The South perform a perfectly dreamy alt-rock track, that drummer Jeremy Furstenfeld says “was a fun and very spontaneous song we came up with… I love making sounds out of stuff that’s just laying around and thinking out of the box. We had a blast on this one.” The energy and excitement Jeremy talks about is evident in both the song itself and the music video.

Watch Harvard Of The South’s studio performance of “Running” here:

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