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Exclusive: Ted Drozdowski’s Scissormen Pay Tribute to Watermelon Slim With Blistering New Track

Ted Drozdowski's Scissormen
Ted Drozdowski’s Scissormen by Bill Steber

For their sixth album, Ted Drozdowski’s Scissormen had the opportunity to reflect back on a long and exciting journey of experimental, genre-hopping, electric and eclectic music making. On Love & Life, set to be released on July 31, bandleader Drozdowski works to carry on the legacy of his mentor, blues icon R.L. Burnside, through a heavy blues-rock sound, replete with deep, growling vocals and vivid storytelling.

“Watermelon Kid” is a slippery, slinky track off the upcoming album that pays tribute to another inspiration turned pal of Drozdowski’s, the bluesman known as “Watermelon Slim.” Drozdowski explains Slim’s lure, saying, “I was captivated by his truly original creative voice — not just his lonesome hound dog bawl, but his stories and how he tells them. And he’s a brother in slide guitar and a fellow showman, so that appealed to me, too. I made it a point to seek him out. Over the years we’ve become friends, and I’ve found him even more fascinating. He has a lot of layers and crackling intelligence.”

A fitting tribute, with atmospheric fuzz and wailing guitar which Drozdowski says allowed him to “channel Robert Quine,” the lyrics recall an age-old blues tradition with gems like, “Slim can write a song to make you cry/Some say he spit in the devil’s eye… you know a bluesman’s world is full of strife.”

“Slim’s never heard the song,” Drozdowski confesses. “I hope he likes it, because it comes from a place of genuine love and admiration.” Check out the track and weigh in below. We’re pretty confident that he’ll dig it.

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  1. Blows my MIND. One day I will actually have to take the stage with the Scissormen.

    This is two songs now in the last couple of years that tag me. Rick Estrin actually had me as a tattoo on some girl’s thigh… Thanks so much Ted! See you down here in Clarksdale again, or out on the blues trail…