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Exclusive: Watch Amy Black’s Soulful Spin on a Classic Spiritual

Amy Black, Muscle ShoalsTo showcase her true potential as a bluesy, R&B heavy hitter, Amy Black had to go home. Thankfully, home for her is Muscle Shoals, Alabama, home to the mythic FAME Studios. Delving into FAME’s history and the history of the small, Southern town, she discovered a treasure trove of musical inspiration, from Sam Cooke to Aretha Franklin. After recruiting some of the area’s greatest musicians, including guitarist Will Kimbrough, Muscle Shoals Horns ringleader Charles Rose and keyboardist Spooner Oldham, Black set out to record her third solo album, The Muscle Shoals Sessions, which will be released on June 9th and contain a blend of her original material and reimagined Shoals classics.

Below, you can catch a sneak peak of a track from the album, “You Gotta Move,” featuring live footage from her FAME Studios recording sessions. Black’s rendition of “You Gotta Move,” an old spiritual popularized by the Rolling Stones’ on their album, Sticky Fingers, is deliciously contradictory as Black coaxes the listeners to move, yet does so in a sensual, languorous, syrupy-slow  crawl. Black’s soulful chops shine against Will Kimbrough’s guitar and the backing vocals of Regina and Ann McCrary.


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