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Exclusive: Hear A Simple, Searing Love Ballad from Whimsical Duo Big Little Lions


Big Little Lions, A Little Frayed a little torn, Tiny Human, Helen Austin, Paul Otten
Big Little Lions by Karen Pantuso

In the past, when we’ve shared tracks by the darling indie-duo Big Little Lions, we’ve highlighted the sugary-sweet, upbeat vibe that Helen Austin and Paul Otten create together in their bi-coastal artistic relationship.

But now, with the Elmore exclusive premiere “Fire Me Up,” a track from their recently released album, A Little Frayed, A Little Torn, Big Little Lions shows off a much different side to their songwriting, delving into a remarkable range and depth of emotional power. Though “Fire Me Up” sounds from the title as if it might be another hand-clapping jaunt, the track plays on defied expectations as a stripped down, searing, romantic ballad. Austin’s light, high range and Otten’s deeper voice blend together to melodically interpret the intense passion of the lyrics, and together they find the haunting, sensual edge of the whimsy for which they’re often known.

Give “Fire Me Up” a listen below.

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