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Exclusive: Watch Bow Thayer’s Trippy & Experimental Music Video For “So We Build”


In 2013, American Songwriter called him “…the best artist to come from New England in recent years.” In 2014, the MetroWest Daily News said he has “always been prolific, and seemingly always searching for new sounds.” Now, in 2015, Vermont-based mountain-soul artist Bow Thayer is continuing to live up to these accolades.

His latest music video for his track “So We Build” is a representation of Thayer himself: bold, creative, and slightly enigmatic in the best way. The actual song is a woozy, hefty track with jam-band type instrumentation and Thayer’s smooth, comforting vocals. But when paired with its video counterpart, the track becomes more than just music. The music video is a compilation featuring everything from old sepia-toned construction footage (of Thayer’s actual recording studio), black-and-white live recording scenes, and twisting and turning, dripping, revolving patterns that give the video the trippy, psychedelic feel to match Thayer’s music.

Watch Bow Thayer’s music video for “So We Build” below:

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