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Exclusive: Watch Angela Easterling’s Hauntingly Beautiful New Video

Angela Easterling

Though Americana singer Angela Easterling records in Nashville, her blood, her heart and her home lies in South Carolina, on the farm her family has owned since 1791. With four studio records already under her belt since her 2007 debut, Earning Her Wings, and impressive credentials–she’s a three-time Kerrville New Folk Finalist, a Telluride Troubadour Finalist and a two-time Wildflower Performing Songwriter Finalist– Easterling has quickly become a sought after talent thanks to her honesty and authenticity, capturing a true, salt of the earth aesthetic with her gorgeous pipes and commitment to carefully crafted lyrics.
Elmore has an exclusive preview of Easterling’s video for “Hammer,” a taste of Easterling’s upcoming studio album, Common Law Wife, which will be released on August 11th.
The beautiful harmonies between Easterling and her longtime partner and musical collaborator, Brandon Turner, are perfectly, delicately balanced and contrast the harmony she speaks of in the song—finding peace and beauty in the hard work done side by side with ones neighbors. The lonesome, yearning quality of the song, drawn out by rich instrumentation, mirrors the simple, pastoral landscape of the video, with Easterling and her partner’s presence helping to evoke the emphasis placed on bloodline, commitment to a land to which you and your forebearers rightfully belong.
Watch “Hammer” below, and keep on the lookout for Easterling’s upcoming Common Law Wife and ongoing U.S. tour.

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7 Responses

  1. As I sit beside the Pacolet River,
    Watching my young sons swim
    And play in the cold water,
    I watched this video for the first time.
    Now, being an unabashed Easterling /Turner
    Kind words flow naturally.
    The juxtaposition of the patina of rusted barbed wire
    Cut a sharp contradiction
    Between the soft melodies
    And the everywoman beauty
    Of Angela and hammer.
    Is it a natural reaction
    For the hairs to stand up on my arms
    And a lump of emotion to form
    In the bowels of my throat?
    What is this magic,
    In images,
    And sounds,
    That imitate
    A part of me…
    Lost by time?
    I love this artist.

  2. Love the shoot on Hammett Farm. I drive by there weekly and eat wild berries off the fence near Hammett bridge. Hauntingly beautiful music. Think I saw you on Main St. July 4th while on my way to Fluor field for Drive game & fireworks.