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Exclusive: Listen To Lance Canales’ Gritty New Track, “Cold Dark Hole”

lance canales
Lance Canales by Anthony Cruz

Having grown up in an agricultural community in San Joaquin Valley, California, Lance Canales was brought up in a tradition of hard work, folk and blues. Drawing on this background for inspiration, Canales wrote his new album The Blessing & The Curse, due out later this month, encapsulating the spirit of his work ethic. Learning guitar at a young age, Canales thrived in listening to blues and folk music, where he expresses that there is “no room for pretension in that music…it’s so raw and real.”

Now, signed to Music Road Records, Canales is able to share his music with the world and plans on touring in support of the album. However, he has no intention of quitting his day job as a janitor, but will instead continue to write music.

Canales’ new track, “Cold Dark Hole” is strikingly haunting. The rich texture and deliciously modern production underlay his husky vocals which bring out a hidden fear, as he mutters a prayer under his breath.

Not to be missed, listen to his new song below:


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