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Exclusive: Listen To NRBQ’s Terry Adams Take On Thelonious Monk

TerryAdamsAtPIANObyByDanidYandellNRBQ co-founder Terry Adams has embarked on an ambitious new project: writing his own arrangements of Thelonious Monk compositions to create a new album, Talk Thelonious, set to be released in November.

One such arrangement, “Reflections,” particularly displays the magnificence of Adams’ Thelonious Monk interpretations, bringing a new wave of funk and soul into these compositions. “Reflections” begins with a jazz organ introduction before switching into a piano, bass and drums arrangement of the song, ending with a jazz organ outro.

Having recorded this album over a span of 45 years, Adams is planning to release a two-LP set of Thelonious Monk songs. With this time, Adams wanted to capture the “right spirit, but also make them sound different from what people have heard before.”

In Adams’ own words: “Reflections is a most beautiful and sentimental song. What a feeling to have this come through me and out of my fingers. Welcome to Talk Thelonious. It’s part of my story.”

Check out his beautiful arrangement of “Reflections” below:

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