Warren Haynes and Railroad Earth

Town Hall / New York, NY

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Photos by Arnie Goodman

One of my favorite guitar players, Warren Haynes always makes me look forward to his live shows, where he is at his best. This show had a different feel than most of his past shows, as Haynes was backed up by the New Jersey-based newgrass/jam band, Railroad Earth. They were playing tunes from Haynes’ new album, Ashes & Dust, featuring Railroad Earth, which had just been released that day (make sure to buy this one). Although of course most of the audience was not familiar with these new songs, the crowd really dug them, which is quite a feat.

In a first set whose highlights inlcluded “Company Man,” “Glory Road” and “Beat Down The Dust,” Haynes clearly showed what a great singer/songwriter he is. During the second set, Haynes pulled out some old chestnuts: “Comes A Time,” “Patchwork Quilt,” “Dusk Till Dawn” and what I always consider Haynes’ signature song, “Soul Shine.” The audience stood the whole second set and grooved to every note. The interplay between Haynes and Railroad Earth was right in the pocket. A great performance by all the musicians, this is a show that should not be missed!

—Arnie Goodman

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