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Exclusive: Billy Morrison Delivers Hard-Edged Rock On New Single, “Methadonia”

You may think performing with Billy Idol is a full time occupation, but that hasn’t stopped singer and guitarist Billy Morrison from staying hard at work on his growing solo career, and now, visual art career as well. Originally intended as an album of covers, Morrison’s sophomore solo release, God Shaped Hole, eventually evolved into much more, and the final product features five original tracks and artwork from his corresponding show of paintings.

Morrison’s new tracks began to take shape as he collaborated with Idol bandmates Steve Stevens and Erik Eldenius and Jane’s Addiction’s Dave Navarro. And honestly, when Ozzy Osborne texts you that he wants to be featured on your album, how can you say no? (True story.)

For his first single, “Methadonia,” Morrison mines an old idea and an old affliction– methadone addiction — to produce a hard-edged, heavy rock track that positively crackles with distorted, electric fury. Of the track, Morrison admits, “Lyrically, the song was close to my heart, even though it’s been many years since I was on methadone. The concept of the drug as a city where I lived–an all-encompassing cocoon of opiate haze that I had a love/hate relationship with–seemed very real to me.” The gritty, realness of Morrison’s experience burns through at the core of the track, making for a dark, satisfying head-banger.

God Shaped Hole drops on October 23rd, with a presale on the 16th and an opportunity on the 9th to order a limited edition “Art Pack,” which includes a hard copy of the album, a numbered and signed lithograph print of the album cover, hand written lyric sheets, a signed photograph and a set of four guitar picks. Pre-order happens here, and in the meantime, check out “Methadonia” below.

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  1. saw billy on stage with idol in manchester, then glasgow where evin tho idol’s dates were up here, down there and across way over there….morrison’s energy was fab, great stage presence. camp freddy, would love 2see them play a one off in uk, but till then dont mind the current idol band at ther mo, on stage they r on hell fire. its the 80s shot threw a 21st century barrol, locked & stocked,