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Exclusive: Listen To Andrea Zonn’s Melodic Voice And Blues Master Keb’ Mo’ On “No Reason To Feel Good”

tWOtVAcQLmRs4S2hEXf5coXyxpZ2736ATW-t4Hx-qq4,c4yjilEPy1gjud0_Ct7eJ_Les4tB-a9ydwBSzSWWbbc,d4EcAg05f-DDOebQgUqXreSlcAQtLn9cW7jJPs_UThough she has toured and recorded as fiddler and harmony singer for major music greats like Lyle Lovett, James Taylor, Alison Krauss, and Yo Yo Ma, make no mistake that Illinois-born fiddler and singer-songwriter Andrea Zonn is not just a background singer. On her sophomore record, Rise, releasing next week, Zonn enlists the phenomenal talent of a select few greats such as duets with Mac McAnally and Vince Gill. On the funky track “No Reason To Feel Good”, who better to match Zonn’s smooth, full vocals than the great blues master, Keb’ Mo’?

Opening with a groovy, experimental Keller Williams-esque instrumental, “No Reason To Feel Good” slowly opens up the floor for Zonn’s strong, steady voice, followed by a powerhouse duet between her and Keb Mo’s equally satisfying bluesy pipes. Belting the hook “I keep spinning/With the seasons/I keep singing ’bout the good old ways/I don’t need any reason/Don’t need no reason to feel good these days”, Zonn carves a catchy, feel-good blues-folk track, aided, but not fueled, by Keb’s talent, instead showcasing her own at times fluid, at times robust vocals and creative instrumental production. If she hasn’t done so already on tour with her fellow musicians, Andrea Zonn proves on “No Reason To Feel Good” that she deserves a center spot on stage alongside the greats.

Listen to “No Reason To Feel Good” below and pre-order Rise here:

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