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Exclusive: Listen To Casey Dubie’s Dreamy Indie-Pop Gem

Casey DubieFor a young singer/songwriter, making the move to a big music hub can be the first step it takes in finding success. For Vermont native Casey Dubie, making waves in Music City couldn’t wait until graduation, and so before her last semester in college, she picked up and settled in Nashville.

Now, with two EPs under her belt and another, Strangers, set for release in mid-October, it looks like that move is about to pay off, as Dubie is starting to capture major attention thanks to her unique voice, at once gentle and fierce, and her serious songwriting chops that call to mind the swagger of Sara Bareilles.

“Motion Sick,” a track from her upcoming EP, is perfectly at home in a new era of female singer/songwriters, who are blending traditional elements of folk and pop songwriting with a slight edge of electronic influence. Dubie synthesizes the dreaminess of longing with the melancholoy of loss, creating a track that is at once a mellow indie-pop gem and an intelligent rumination on the frustrations of heartache.

Give “Motion Sick” a listen below.

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