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Exclusive: Listen To The Pure, Heavy Rock Of K’s Choice

Photo by Anton Coene


Sarah and Gert Bettens, the siblings who form K’s Choice, have just released “Come Alive,” from their latest, heaviest, most rocking record yet, The Phantom Cowboy.

K’s Choice, an alternative rock group hailing from Antwerp, Belgium, often write their music separately then edit songs together to produce the best cuts. But this time, the duo has teamed up for a new songwriting process, bouncing ideas off each other in Sarah’s basement studio and writing from scratch. And the songs they’ve created for this new album are simply for the fans: pure rock sensations.

According to the duo, the record is about the real feelings in life, not the superficial realities plastered all over social media and the like. These honest feelings are especially prominent in “Come Alive,” a song about finding your true identity only through reaching your darkest place.

Take a listen to “Come Alive” below (and buy the album here, in addition to finding them at New York’s Cutting Room on October 16):


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