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Exclusive: Sing Along With Pop Singer-Songwriter Peter Kelly’s Catchy Track “Like We Do”

Like We Do Single finalNew York pop-rock singer-songwriter Peter Kelly isn’t quite like any of his other fellow NYC musicians. After graduating from the renowned Berklee College Of Music, playing in several bands, and racking up major accolades from big names like Songwriting Magazine and producer Mike Sapone, Kelly is releasing his sophomore record, Don’t Let Me Be Alone, coming out late next month. His latest single off the record, “Like We Do”, is a fresh, creative pop track that highlights his silky vocals and talents as, first and foremost, a guitarist.

With swooping vocal leaps and tenderly treated instrumentals, “Like We Do” is not the average dance anthem, but, rather, a meaningful, vocally gifted track that just so happens to be teeming with a catchy chorus and perky rhythms. Because Kelly’s voice acts mainly as a smooth lullaby, it is an extra special treat to hear his range of thicker, straight lines and quick falsetto when singing the touching lines “And I feel like laughing in the face of the world when I’m with you/No one tells a tale of how a boy met a girl quite like we do.” While the track does have modern pop elements including electro explosions and catchy hooks, “Like We Do” has the feel of an old-fashioned, but newly recorded, youthful culmination of a top singer-songwriter’s long-winded career. Luckily for fans, Kelly is not even close to reaching the end of his music, but is instead just beginning. Between his sleek vocals, rhythmic artistry, and storytelling chop, Peter Kelly is a game-changer to the pop community.

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