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Zac Harmon Funks Up The Blues In His Latest Video

Zac Harmon, Right Man Right Now, blues, Long Live The Blues
Photo By Darren Carroll


When Zac Harmon sings, “Long, long live the blues,” supported by one of the funkiest, foot-stompin’ melody lines you’ve ever heard, you can’t help but get caught up. With his smooth voice and stinging guitar, Harmon’s newest track, “Long Live The Blues,” could keep the blues alive single-handedly.

The song’s video, a thrillingly shot live performance that captures the fiery fingers and unmistakable style of Harmon–and his band–up close, accentuates the song’s propulsive energy. Watch the video below, then look for the song’s parent album, Right Man Right Now (released on August 28 on Blind Pig), and find Harmon on tour.


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