The Decemberists – 9/24 – Capitol Theater (Port Chester, NY)

The Decemberists by Autumn DeWilde
The Decemberists by Autumn DeWilde

We didn’t hear from the Decemberists for four years, but they’re back with a new album, What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World, released early this year, and a tour that puts them right where they should be: on the charts and in front of live audiences.

Either an indie rock group with a folkie’s penchant for storytelling, or a juiced-up folk ensemble sporting drums and a Hammond organ, the Decemberists have a history of thoughtful songs written by singer and guitarist Colin Meloy. His new “12-17-12″ refers to the horror of the Newton, CT, school shootings, and “The King is Dead” was nominated for a Best Rock Song Grammy, but their subjects aren’t always grim, and the live shows feature whimsy, a bit of theater and audience participation.

The Decemberists will hit Port Chester, NY’s historic Capitol Theatre on a countrywide tour. Look for a mix of past hits, songs from their latest album, and a very interesting night.

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