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Exclusive: Dulcie Taylor Premieres Video for “Not Here Not Today”

Photo by Trevor Lawrence
Photo by Trevor Lawrence


On September 25th, Dulcie Taylor and Friends released Wind Over Stone. It features 13 original tracks and a cover of the Supremes/Mowtown classic “My World Is Empty Without You.” Taylor’s “and Friends” include the same group who backed 2014’s critically acclaimed Only Worn One Time. This time, Taylor’s album features songs about American heroes, real world topics, love and romance in various forms.

“Not Here Not Today” is the first track on Wind Over Stone. “I’ve always thought about what motivated the American people who revolted against English rule,” Taylor has said about the inspirations behind the song. “These people came to America because they wanted new ways of living. Thinking about people still holding to their beliefs when their feet were freezing and they didn’t have any shoes, makes me realize this country was founded by people who wanted freedom, period.”

She also cites Rosa Parks as well as the people on Flight 93 as inspirations for the song. All of them knew they were taking a risk for freedom.


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  1. Another thought-provoking and beautiful song from Dulcie Taylor! Her songwriting, musical and performing talents come together seamlessly in this powerful, energetic and entertaining song, “Not Here, Not Now.” Thanks to Dulcie and Friends for entertaining us and giving us something to think about at the same time!