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Exclusive: Eric Bibb And JJ Milteau Take On Lead Belly

JJ Milteau and Eric Bibb by Patricia DeGorostarzu
JJ Milteau and Eric Bibb by Patricia DeGorostarzu

To create great new music, sometimes you have to go digging through the past. For their upcoming record, award winning roots musician Eric Bibb and French harmonica player JJ Milteau did just that, and they struck gold… Lead Belly’s Gold to be exact. On November 6th, the two talented performers will release a tribute album to the late, great blues and folk legend.

Created in honor of one of the world’s most influential roots artists, Lead Belly’s Gold features Lead Belly songs as interpreted by the pair, through a mixture of new studio recordings and songs recorded live at the Sunset, a famous Parisian jazz club. For Bibb, the project really strikes close to home, inspiring memories of listening to music with his father as a child. “The soundtrack of my childhood included more than a few of the great bard’s songs.” Bibb confessed. “The sound of his 12-string guitar is part of my DNA.”

Today, exclusively on Elmore, Bibb and Milteau are premiering their video for a track on the album, “Good Night Irene.” The video’s concept is a simple one— the two performers are shot in sepia tone performing the song together on their respective instruments- Bibb on guitar and vocals, Milteu chiming in with his blistering harmonica. With such a simple concept, however, the two men create a stirring arrangement of a Lead Belly classic– perfectly in control so as to create the gentle, lilting sway of a song that’s part love song and part lullaby.

Listen to “Good Night Irene” below.

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