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Exclusive: Jeff Crosby Tells The Tale Of A “City Girl” In His Inviting New Track

Jeff Crosby

Jeff Crosby’s dreamy new single, “City Girls,” fuses together country, folk and psychedelic rock, laying out a gentle but smoky tale about a girl that you may have met once or twice, sitting all alone at the end of the bar.

On November 6th, Jeff Crosby and his band the Refugees will release their latest album, Waking Days. Recorded in both in Nashville and Bed Rock Studios in Los Angeles, Crosby’s third full-length record is aimed at exploring love and heartbreak while also reevaluating the American Dream.

Only 25, Crosby has already had quite the career, touring around the world and playing over 250 shows a year since he was 19. He’s racked up such impressive numbers by dividing his time playing with his own band the Refugees and Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons. With so much touring and traveling under his belt, it’s no surprise that he’ll tell you he gets his inspiration from the conversations he has and the places he goes. “The experiences I have are what make my songs unique,” he says. “I think I have an interesting story to tell.”

“City Girls” is about a conversation he had with a woman in bar in LA. Through his lyrics, Crosby paints a picture of a girl who has similar conversations with different men every night, and who hopes Crosby will be different from everyone else. His lyrics echo feelings of loneliness and longing, “She says, come on give me something I haven’t heard before… She says, come on give me something I haven’t felt before.” Crosby sings “You city girls must be so leathered by your dreaming,” his voice a timeless rasp, accompanied by instruments that don’t overpower it and feed off each other, with a steady drum beat in the background. You start the song as voyeur, witnessing a private moment, until Crosby’s inviting voice beckons you in to learn about this mysterious girl at the bar.

Listen to the track “City Girls” below.

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