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Bob Malone

Mojo Deluxe

Artist:     Bob Malone

Album:     Mojo Deluxe

Label:     Delta Moon Records

Release Date:     08/21/2015


Keyboard whiz Bob Malone has quite an impressive backstory. As a constant presence in John Fogerty’s backing band, he’s shared stages with some of the biggest names in the biz. As a solo artist, he can claim numerous individual outings and a reputation for purveying an exceptionally lively combination of blues and boogie woogie, just the kind of sound that can get a crowd hopping. In fact, one listen to his newest effort, Mojo Deluxe, provides all the evidence necessary. True, it’s more inclined to shake some tail feathers rather than to cause heads to shake with astonishment, but as a soundtrack for spontaneous partying, it’s clearly the kind of thing that can rouse those in attendance and maybe even stir up the onlookers as well.

While none of this hasn’t been heard before — a pair of covers that come courtesy of Ray Charles (“Hard Times”) and Muddy Waters (“She Moves Me”) blend remarkably seamlessly with Malone’s own originals — the entertainment potential trumps all. Malone’s snarl of a vocal often brings to mind Leon Russell on the faster numbers and Randy Newman with the songs that are more sardonic. Indeed, the mood is mostly upbeat, although there are certain selections — “Toxic Love,” “Rage & Cigarettes” and “Don’t Threaten Me (With A Good Time)” — that suggest Malone may be more subversive than initially suspected.

– Lee Zimmerman

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