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Ferris & The Wheels

Ferris & The Wheels

Artist:     Ferris & The Wheels

Album:     Ferris & The Wheels

Label:     Self Released

Release Date:     10/09/2015


This is the perfect album people who are sick of “hipster” music, trying so hard to be cool. Ferris & the Wheels are a group of guys who aren’t afraid to play rowdy, loud and fun rock ’n’ roll, and there’s something cool in that alone. They released their EP Hollow in 2013, and are following it up with the self-titled Ferris & the Wheels. The best tracks off this EP are “Stuck in this Dam Hole” and “I Got Something.” “Stuck in this Dam Hole” starts the album and sets the stage, quickly letting the listener know what they’re getting into. The most powerful bit is when frontman Geoff Ferris starts to sing “safe in this town,” accompanied only by tambourine and cymbals, then followed by powerful chords and vocals. “I Got Something” starts off with a bluesy and sexy introduction from guitar and drums, escalating into powerful chords and Ferris’ gritty vocals. “I Found It” is a slower track that shows the band’s more sentimental side, but doesn’t stray far from their hard sound. “Mania” is probably meant to be the wildest track, kicking off with a line about how the guys are looking for sex, and “Typical” veers into pop territory.

Ferris & the Wheels sound like a bunch of guys who just want to play their guitars as hard and loud as they can, and are having a hell of a lot of fun doing it. What’s the the problem with that? For some reason which I can’t understand, people don’t seem to be having much fun lately when it comes to live shows, and I can tell by listening to this album that these guys would probably tear up the stage and shake those too-cool-for-school concert goers out of their funks. For all of you who miss no-shit rock music, this is for you.

– Claudia Arnoldo

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