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Lorraine Feather

Flirting With Disaster

Artist:     Lorraine Feather

Album:     Flirting With Disaster

Label:     Jazzed Media

Release Date:     08/07/2015


“This is the first of my albums to be made up wholly of romantic love songs. The songs that my collaborators and I wrote emphasize the risk that goes along with giving your heart away. Anytime you fall in love, you’re flirting with disaster,” Lorraine Feather has said of her newest album, the appropriately titled Flirting With Disaster.

Feather’s latest begins with the title track, on which eerie instrumentals slowly flow into Feather’s beautiful vocals. Her songs are uniquely descriptive, and she blends spoken word with jazz elements in order to tackle the emotional rollercoaster that is romance, from falling in to falling out of love.

This entire album feels like a one-woman play- it could be a Broadway musical soundtrack or the best night you’ve had at a jazz club ever. It’s no surprise that Feather has been nominated for Grammys three times.

Though the whole album is worth a few listens, there are a couple of stand-outs that should be added to any Feather fan’s playlist. “I’d Be Down With That” is a fun story about being infatuated with someone, yet not knowing where the romance could possibly go, “Wait For It” is also more upbeat, with a Rio-style vibe to it complete with surdo drum and “The Staircase” is a beautiful lullaby that highlights the piano and violin.

A bonus to the physical album are the liner notes, which include lyrics for every song as well as Feather’s comments about each track, offering fascinating insights into her inspirations behind a truly terrific album.

-Brenda Hillegas

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