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The Foreign Resort

The American Dream

Artist:     The Foreign Resort

Album:     The American Dream

Label:     Ignition Agency

Release Date:     10/23/2015


The Foreign Resort’s new EP, The American Dream, finds its way somewhere between the music of the ’80s and the sentiment of today, and to top it all off, Mikkel Borbjerg Jakobsen has a voice that is shockingly similar to that of the Cure’s lead singer, Robert Smith. The Danish band composed of Jakobsen, Morten Hansen and Steffan Petersen has already released an album titled New Frontiers. Ironically enough, it’s their new EP The American Dream that unquestionably takes the listener into “new frontiers” of electronic music infused with ’80s melodies and new wave punk.

Their sound is incredibly textured, each song expertly engineered. After listening to the first track, “The New Blood,” you already know that the band will be taking you on a sonic adventure. It introduces each instrument one by one, later fusing them together, while also making it seem like they are fighting against each other. You have a similar feeling listening to “Onto Us.” There’s something not quite right, but you also can’t imagine it any other way. The different sounds on the album show how the Foreign Resort is able to create sounds that both attract and repel each other. “Skyline Decay” has a haunting intro, with an enchanting melody you can lose yourself in. Lyric-wise, the album is complex, expressing the feelings that keep young people awake at night. “Suburban Depression” explores the fear of turning into just another cog in the machine, living in a state of disappointment. “Suburban depression, you’re own private hell.” Jakobsen sings “welcome to our faceless lives,” and you start to think that yeah, you’d rather die than become a small town yuppie.

Today’s mainstream music is shockingly similar, even with the advancements in music over so many years. When looking from the outside, the Foreign Resort is essentially making electronic music. But, when you dive into The American Dream, you see how the Danish trio is complicating it and testing its limits.

– Claudia Arnoldo

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