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Exclusive: Fall In Love With Little Fevers’ Summery, Trippy Rock Bliss

photo by Ashley Boman
Photo by Ashley Boman


Little Fevers is a Minneapolis-based four-piece whose sound is brimming with catchy pop, hints of folk and a rock ‘n’ roll soul thanks to the lively vocals of Lucy Michelle. Their debut album, Field Trip, was released last month with plenty of praise and further supported by a national fall tour.

One of the new album’s standouts, “Bones” reels you in with the first strum of the guitar. It’s a fun song about anticipation and adventure, not wanting to sit still and all that is left to do. Just as fun is the accompanying video, which was shot on a waterproof Super 8 camera during a summer excursion in 2014.

The band’s bassist, Eamonn McLain, shares, The intent is not necessarily to tell a story but rather to capture a sense of adventure and the excitement of exploration and risk taking. We live in Minnesota where the woods and water defines us. Summer here is something special and doesn’t get nearly the recognition as it’s freezing counterpart. What better way to boost the flavor of a song then to show how much fun we can have outside.”

Visit the band’s website for more info and to hear the tracks, and check out the video for “Bones” below:


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