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Brandy Zdan

Brandy Zdan

Artist:     Brandy Zdan

Album:     Brandy Zdan

Label:     Self Released

Release Date:     11/17/2015


Brandy Zdan’s self-titled album release illustrates that she is someone to look out for. With a gorgeously engaging voice and expertly crafted instrumentals, she shows just how talented she is as a musician. Though Zdan calls this her debut album, she already has years of experience; originally from Canada, the singer/songwriter relocated to Nashville to settle herself into a more music-fueled city. She has performed in other groups, such as Twilight Hotel and the Trishas, while also harnessing her skills as a solo artist. All of her past achievements are shadowed by this incredible debut, which she believes is the most focused expression of her skills as a musician, and indeed, Brandy Zdan is composed of indie-rock and pop songs that show her maturity as an artist. Zdan’s abilities as a multi-instrumentalist help her create effortless melodies that transition between sweet and captivating to edgy and new.

The first track on the album is ridiculously catchy. The chorus gets stuck in your head and you find yourself singing it everywhere, which is what I did for the first few days… until someone in a shop finally asked me why I kept singing “I can look back on you” in a dressing room. In the following track, “Cut n Run,” she sings, “Now I’m calling you a quitter/you cut n run” which escalates into soaring harmonies. “People Like Us” is centered around the idea that leaving someone can ultimately leads you into the arms of another, who may be more in tune with who you are. Zdan at one point sings, “I used to let a man get the best of me/but something has changed inside of me.” “Courtship of Wild Horses” has a bridge that builds up to a delicate chorus that is just exquisite, with beautiful lyrics like, “I want your breath on my skin again.” “Only the Sad Songs” starts off with softer instrumentals, but then Zdan surprises with a fierce guitar solo.

Brandy Zdan will be making huge impressions with this album, and her sophomore album release will no doubt be highly anticipated. Brandy Zdan is a carefully composed album that has Zdan’s heart and soul incorporated into every song. It’s a beautiful album that deserves all the attention it can get.

– Claudia Arnoldo

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