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The Sweeplings

Rise & Fall

Artist:     The Sweeplings

Album:     Rise & Fall

Label:     Self-released

Release Date:     08/07/2015


A chance meeting thanks to America’s Got Talent brought Cami Bradley and Whitney Dean together. Bradley’s audition caught the attention of Dean’s wife who was watching television and called Dean in to see for himself. “That’s who you need to write with,” she told him. Thanks to social media and a few flights, the collaboration happened.

Their Rise & Fall album is a result of this fate and shows off the stellar singing/songwriting that may not have existed otherwise. The chilling “Carry Me Home” starts it off and was written by the duo as a way to deal with loved ones lost in their lives recently. The rest of this Americana-inspired album has a similar eerie yet beautiful tone, with lead vocals alternating between Bradley and Dean.

Many of the songs blend together because of similar sounds, but the chemistry is concise and makes the album whole, not all over the place like many debuts seem to be. Stand outs include “Long Way Around”, “Always Been You” and “Hold Me.”

—Brenda Hillegas

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