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Exclusive: David Pollack Debuts His Gentle Croon On A New Single, “I Saw Your Future”


David Pollack by Willian Alves
David Pollack by Willian Alves

Music has driven David Pollack’s life since he was just a boy. As a young man, enthralled by the power of the masters– the Beatles, James Taylor and Paul Simon among them– he knew what he was meant to do, and he saturated himself in music any way he could. From performing arts camps, to studio internships and making the rounds in the New York City night club scene–Pollack amassed a small lifetime of experience all by the time he was barely out of high school. Leaving the University of Vermont to pursue his dream full time back in the City, not long after, in January of 2014, he released his first full length, Put It Into Words (now Available on Itunes and Spotify).

Now, on the heels of a new EP, Pollack is releasing his latest single, “I Saw Your Future,” and Elmore readers get a sneak peek before its official release– along with the accompanying music video– at Rockwood Music Hall of Friday, 12/11. It’s a gentle, beseeching track, carried throughout by Pollack’s smooth vocals and the steady splash of drums. Pollack notes of the song, ““I Saw Your Future” was written by Lionel Lombard (lyrics) and [me] (music). The inspiration came from a man Lionel met while traveling through Bolivia. His personal story of substance abuse and inner demons inspired him to write the lyric on the island of Itaparica, off the coast of Salvador, Brazil. Later, I was brought to write the music and melody, and Montreal based Philippe Lachance produced the track, splashing in electro pop vibes of St. Vincent, Lorde and James Blake.”

Make sure to catch Pollack with he plays Rockwood Music Hall on 12/11. He will play Stage 3, doors are at 6:30 and the show is at 7. For tickets and more information about the show, head here. Check out “I Saw Your Future Below,” and head to Pollack’s social media pages for more info on the artist and his upcoming tour dates: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

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